MIURIO design studio born from a dream today combines art and practical furnishing products. Buying art is not very common in Estonia, but generally every interior needs a rug. Then why not combine these two things and thereby make your space truly unique and distinctive.

Original article was published in Postimees daily newspaper.

A rug can easily be the focal point of a room and add just the right amount of pattern and color to an otherwise neutral room. At the same time, the rug is also a good starting point for creating the entire interior design concept.

Collaboration with the artist Jüri Arrak

For a long time, pattern designer Rita Assor, the creator of the studio, thought about how to create practical products by appreciating art. This is how cooperation with art museums, artists and fashion designers has evolved by offering production of silk scarves and fabric print. Cooperation with the Estonian Art Museum and the reproduction of paintings by well-known Estonian artists on silk scarves developed the idea and helped to search for a new “design application” of artworks.

This is how MIURIO design studio started working with one of Estonia’s best-known contemporary art giants, Jüri Arrak, from April this year. The studio has the right to produce other art souvenirs besides silk accessories and wool rugs.

Arrak’s paintings, especially from his early work, are extremely powerful and graphic in nature, which are well suited for interior use. Tapestry wall carpets have been woven according to Arrak’s artwork in the early years, where the artist’s handwriting is easily recognizable and vigorous.

MIURIO studio has modernised Arrak’s artwork (painting “Builders” (1972), “Viewers” (1970), “Mermaid” (1966) and “Tragic Object” (1966)), offering rugs in trendy interior colour palettes: darkish blue and grey, light and dark blue, beige-clay yellow and greenish-brown colors.

When ordering, you can choose from more than 20 colour and artwork combinations, including the original colors of the graphic-style paintings.

Soft rugs are made by hand

In September, handmade rugs designed according to Arrak’s artwork will be added to the nearly 40 other rug designs to the studio’s selection. Rugs are made in two handicraft-intensive techniques – hand-tufted and the Tibetan hand-knotted technique.

The rug texture has either cut or looped yarn finishing, it is possible to create rug elements with different heights and reliefs, the materials are New Zealand merino wool and viscose. These rugs are suitable for indoor use and are great accent rugs in the living room, bedroom or even children’s room.

The rug as a design element creates warmth and a soft underfoot, they are non-slip and reduce noise.

“We definitely are seeking new exciting collaborations with Estonian contemporary artists. There are couple of Estonian artists on my mind, from whose artwork I would like to create wearable silk, wool and interior accessories” – says studio’s owner Rita Assor.

Colorful design language

The style of the design studio’s products has developed over the past five to seven years. MIURIO’s design language is international – it speaks to Estonians as well as European and American design connoisseurs. It represents authenticity, femininity and colourful sensuality. Women’s silk scarves are bold and colourful in patterns, with an accent on femininity, romance and expressiveness, men’s silk pocket squares and warm wool mufflers are truly bold fashion statement.

Created by Assor, the MIURIO brand offers southern colors, the warmth of the sea and the sun captured on silk, wallpaper and rugs, designs silk and wool scarves and furnishing products, and offers printing services for silk scarves and fabric.

The eco-wallpapers with several different patterns in the studio’s selection are non-woven fleece wallpaper with OEKO-TEX® certification, the material does not contain PVC, plastic or glass fibers, and the printing ink is non-fading and odourless cellulose rubber. The wallpaper is also suitable for allergy sufferers.

The advantage of the MIURIO studio is the customer focus – customers are provided with a number of special order products with a customised design. It goes without saying that the high quality of the products, certified materials and printing inks, also many products have the quality of craftsmanship. For example, silk scarves are hand-hemmed, rugs are hand-made, and sofa cushion covers are hand-embroidered.

The studio’s production partners are located in Europe and Asia, marketing materials are produced in Estonia. We have long cooperated with the Estonian Art Museum, Estonian design stores (Eesti Disainimaja, Tallinn Design House, Ehestu, Siluett Estonian fashion store, Les Petites, Pallopson store, etc.) and with artists and designers who offer silk accessories or silk printed fabric with their own design patterns in their collections.

The design studio introduces exciting art and fashion brands of different scales to its customers through the showroom and online store. This is our way of bringing art and design together and also supporting young designers by creating a network of business and friendships in the creative field.

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