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Dive into the world of creativity

We at MIURIO design studio are masters of creating inspiring and feminine atmospheres to elevate your creativity and add some everyday skills to style your wardrobe with silk accessories.

We love colour, pattern and texture. We love expressiveness and freedom of design! And help you to add more colour vitamin to your look!

We host master classes in:

  • fashion collage – a great way to express yourself in creating inspiration or mood board by mixing magazine clippings, inspiring quotes, glitter and paint or dried botanics; and find a matching MIURIO silk scarf to accompany the fashion collage look that helps you express your individuality;
  • silk scarves’ tying techniques – how to accessorise your everyday or festive look with a silk scarf, worn on your head, neck, waist, wrist or an ankle! Fun and inspiring master class to boost your femininity and make your feel a true goddess!
  • furoshiki (from Japanese: the art of gift/item wrapping in cloth) gift wrapping with silk scarves – dozens of ways to surprise your friend or loved one by wrapping a gift into a gorgeous and vivid piece of art – MIURIO’s silk scarf.

Our master classes are a great way to bond and create quality time with your friends or colleagues, learn new design skills and relieve some stress in handcrafting process. Add to that tasty snacks, inspiring music and flowers – that’s what we call ‘a happy place’!

To book a master class please write us at info@miurio.com. We’d love to create some art with you!

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