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Manufacture and sale of wool mufflers

For many of us, a muffler is an extremely important accessory without which we would not imagine a cool autumn or winter. Feeling warm and pleasant is just one aspect of wearing a muffler. In fact, it is also an accessory that helps to express your character and style. We have noticed that sales of mufflers increases significantly before the autumn-winter season, and we find that there are several different reasons for this. First, people want to put more emphasis on their appearance and style during this dark period. Secondly, being warm is guaranteed. Also choose the wool scarf that suits you, and feel free to face autumn. Using a muffle may seem unnecessary, especially if you drive a car a lot, but it’s not always true. In addition to being less likely to get sick, you don’t have to worry about wind and cold, which can cause sore throats.

Why prefer a wool muffler?

Of course, it is possible to get a muffler of any material, but honestly natural fibers and skin-friendly products matter. The wool muffler is warm and also pleasant against your skin, as it has a soft brushed finishing. You can wrap the muffler comfortably around your neck or shoulders for your best comfort. We use virgin wool and cotton in our machine woven mufflers. Both fibers are comfortable and soft by their nature. For example, the mufflers from the Aspire to Inspire product family are machine-woven in Italy and of high quality. We sell these mufflers as small collections. Of course, we do our best to constantly have new products in our selection. However, there may be a situation where the product you like runs out and the production is discontinued. When choosing a wool muffler, you need to consider your overall autumn-winter look. The stylish and fresh look gives you a better first impression, and the rest is already in your own hands. The wool muffler also goes well with a wool coat or jacket. Alternatively, silk scarves designed in Estonia can be considered.

Wool muffler as a business gift

MIURIO studio offers wool muffler design services for business customers who want to produce them for their employees, customers or business partners as a business gift. A practical wool accessory with a logo on the neck of your employee, customer or partner reminds of your company and keeps you warm in our harsh Nordic climate. There are never too many woolen mufflers, especially if they are made in a stylish and delicate way, as is typical of our studio handwriting.

Custom design and production of wool mufflers takes 7-8 weeks. Therefore, please make an appointment and plan this order in advance.

A well-designed wool accessory is a practical gift for your customers!