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Home textile products – production and sales

Decorating your home is important. Creating a pleasant atmosphere makes the house a home, and here a basic interior decoration comes to rescue – a sofa cushion. You might think that pillows can’t make a home more attractive or glamorous, but in fact the opposite is true. A well-chosen and toned decorative pillow can create a completely different atmosphere. In addition, you have the opportunity to change the pillow cover and create seasonal mood at different times of the year, which significantly changes the indoor atmosphere of your home. The insert pillow in use can remain the same, and after the cover has been replaced, it is a new cushion. With the help of our Estonian design products, you can make your home even more attractive – when decorative pillows are chosen, then it is time to choose a suitable eco-wallpaper for the set. Selling pillows and finding a suitable product is one of our favorite activities and we want to offer our customers unique solutions. In our selection you will find products in different sizes, the most popular are the pillow 45 × 45 cm and, of course, the classic pillow with dimensions 50 × 50 cm. We want to offer all customers the opportunity to decorate their homes, with products that really bring about changes that your friends and loved ones will not miss.


We’ve probably all had a pouf at home once that is comfortable to sit on or keep our feet on. There are many choices and it is a product that offers comfort, but also decorates the interior. Poufs designed to create a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere could have a great match with decorative pillows. In this case, the environment created is ideal. Recently, minimalist solutions and modest Scandinavian colors have been in vogue. To the contrary, there is an upward trend in the use of different colors in interior design. People are becoming more and more open and want to use objects that are different from the crowd and give a strong first impression to guests. A well-designed home also gives you a positive emotion.