An area rug is just a rug with smaller dimensions than the room and is usually used in floorings such as hardwood and tiles. Area rugs come in many shapes, sizes, textures, designs, and colors and they can be custom-made to meet the client’s specifications. Apart from a clearly evident decorative role, rugs have several more valuable benefits with long term values.

Rugs give extra comfort If you have hard floors that are empty, having an area rug to break them up helps to provide a little comfort to you underfoot. Woolen rugs provide efficient floor protection, natural heat insulation, cushioning and sound absorption. Whether a lavish and thick pile to bounce on as you walk over it or a rug with a shorter pile, having that bit of texture helps to introduce soft foot massage if you walk barefoot. Understanding rug pile will help you to choose the level of comfort you are looking for. Rugs helpcontribute to a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere that enhances well-being and productivity and reduces stress.

Rugs protect floor from damage Floors tend to be damaged from heavy items, furniture, pet claws and sharp objects, which can cause scratches to your floor. MIURIO rugs provide a gerat solution to these problems. Since they are made of organic yarns such as New Zealand merino wool, bamboo silk, viscose, silk, PET yarn and jute, rugs absorb these forces and protect your floors. Area rugs also increase safety in your house by offering a landing cushion, reducing slips, and minimizing injuries.

Rugs provide responsible consumption and support economy of rural areas Handmade rugs made of natural yarns are durable and can serve you in decades. Natural fibers used for rug making are skillfully dyed and prepared in small quantities for custom rug orders. Handmade rugs are recyclable and biodegradable and give tribute to unique artisanal skills of rug making. The rug making craft in the rural areas of India, which is in a threatened state due to intensive labour skills, urbanization and digitalization era.

Rugs enhance atmospehere and define spaces There is no better way to style your home than using area rugs since they come in various shapes, sizes, colors, textures and designs. They enhance the style and expression of the room and are an essential element of a room´s decoration. Modern rugs are well-combined with art photos, posters and paintings to showcase furniture and complement the look of a room.

Noise and echo reduction You may be pleasantly surprised at the difference an area rug can make to the sound of your living space and bedrooms. Not only do area rugs feel great under your feet, but they are also kinder to your ears. Rugs are quieter to walk on and absorb the sound from the room, eradicating that slight echo from a hard surface room.

Rugs reduce allergies Contrary to popular belief, area rugs are actually great for reducing allergies as long as they are cleaned on a regular basis. Instead of having dust and debris running loose like tumbleweeds across your wood or tiled floors, area rugs can act as a trap for these particles and will hold them in place until the rug is cleaned, thus reducing allergens being kicked up into the air when walking through the room. Rugs contribute to better air quality by trapping and retaining dust particles.

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