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Our studio has been involved in design and production of silk scarves of our own origin since 2015. Over last 2 years we have produced over 1500+ silk scarves and shawls, including the needs of our highly respected corporate clients.

Now we ready to offer you the best quality in digital printing on silk, as well as production of your own designs and patterns!

Technology: Our scarves and fabrics are being printed with the same machines as the top famous silk scarves’ brands in the world: Robustelli Company, Monnalisa Brand (Italy).

The inks used for the digital printing on silk are the best and the highest quality in the sector: Fortex Company (Italy). All inks have OEKO-TEX certificates.

All our silk scarves have hand-rolled hemming.

Types of silk fabric we offer:

  • silk twill, 14mm (63gr/sqm) and 16mm (69gr/sqm) – combines the utilitarian strength of the twill weave with the natural strength of silk! It has a diagonal rib, ridge, or wale, but still maintains a smooth texture. Printing on silk twill gives a sharp and not fully reversible picture. The texture of twill makes colors play with light and gives an elegant silvery glow to the ties and scarves. Great luster, wonderful drape and excellent durability for the weight of silk twill make it our favorite fabric for the silk scarves and shawls (14 mm silk twill). Famous Hermes’s silk scarves are mostly made of silk twill.
  • silk satin, 14mm (63gr/sq m) and 16mm (69gr/sqm) – No other fabric can quite compete with the sensation silk satin gives when you feel its soft and silky touch on your skin. It is glossy, shiny, shimmering and smooth, and has a somewhat cooling effect on its wearer. Even a little neck scarf made of silk satin ensures that you stay cool and fresh, enjoying the natural glow of your silk satin scarf throughout the day. Printing on silk satin gives a sharp and nonreversible picture. We use 14mm silk satin in many different ways: for silk scarves and shawls, pocket squares and coat linings.

We offer the best price and quality in the market. Please ask for fabric swatches to ensure your quality!

Requirements for the print file: 300dpi resolution, RGB colour scheme, .jpg or .psd file formats. 138cm pattern width for digital printing of fabric of 140cm width.

Production volume

We can offer high volume production, as our partner has ca production capacity of 60,000 silk and wool accessories per month.

For pricing of custom print on silk fabric or order of silk scarves of your own design, please contact us by email info@miurio.com.

We are here to support young artist and textile designers, as well as corporate clients to build strong brand identity!

    Production of silk scarves with your own design

    We have been manufacturing silk scarves and shawls for over 6 years, and the technologies and production quality of our digital printing partner allow our customers to fulfill their ideas and create unique, high-quality products according to their taste and target group. We have produced over 2,000 silk accessories. Our clients include several ministries, art museums and large businesses.

    Carefully selected tones and high-quality printing on the fabric make the product unique and special. We can also offer a digital printing service for larger quantities of scarves (300 pcs +) at a cheaper price. Our partner has a production capacity of 60,000 silk accessories per month.

    It is possible to design business gifts for your partners, accessories for uniforms with your own brand identity or order capsule collections (print your artwork) for your customers. It is also possible to find solutions for other products within the special order. For example, if you want a silk dress with a unique pattern, we can print the fabric for it.

    Check out the products designed in Estonia in our e-shop – a selection of silk scarves and silk accessories made in digital printing technology and also wool mufflers. Eco-wallpapers and interior pillows from the same collection are also a perfect match for our selection of handmade rugs.

    Digital printing on fabric

    In 2021, the demand for digitally printed textiles is recovering strongly: the market value of digitally printed textiles in 2021 is estimated at EUR 3.82 billion, an increase of 20% compared to the previous year. This trend is bound to continue in the future.

    Digital printing on fabric is ideal for small print production and collections. Carefully selected materials and your own design combined with high-quality fabric printing create a result you can be proud of.

    Digital printing on fabric is one of the most common and affordable ways to print low-volume fabric orders. In today’s world, digital printing has several advantages over other printing technologies: high resolution, flexibility in the color solutions of patterns; energy-efficient production method; low production cost for small-scale production; low sample production costs; fast sample completion time and delivery; low need for stocks; low fabric waste costs and nickel-free production.

    By its very nature, digital printing is a good way to express your feelings and emotions. The patterns and designs you choose can be applied to fabric with high-quality OEKO-TEX certified ink. We use only the best materials and the most innovative solutions in our products. The goal of all this is to ensure the best possible experience for customers. In our studio it is possible to get acquainted with different samples and find inspiration for yourself. We can deliver your orders for digitally printed fabric or scarves in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or Finland by parcel machine or courier. Before ordering products, it is wise to ask our specialists for advice, who can definitely help you and guide you to the right path to design the best product. If you would like digital printing on fabric, please contact us using the form above.

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