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“Our mission is to encourage people to use more colour and expression in
their everyday life. Be it home interior or public space or your wearable silk accessory.
We provide “colour therapy” and create positive emotions through evoking, lively and colourful designs.”

– Rita Assor –

Rita Assor
creative director, designer and operational manager at MIURIO design studio
Viktoria Braginskaja
co-designer, stylist and social media specialist for silk accessories


My name is Rita and I am the heart and soul behind MIURIO’s designs as a creative director, interior surface designer and photographer for all my studio’s products.

I grew up in a bilingual environment, graduated from a Russian school, and have always been close friends with both Estonian and Russian-speaking friends. In my banking work, I had to work in English a lot. I enjoy everything related to cross-cultural experiences and international cooperation.

My professional interest in photography and interior design began after the birth of my daughter. It was then that I decided to leave my job in finance behind and pursue my dream in the creative field.

My inspiration is driven mostly from travelling, art and collaboration with textile artisans. In designs I use various techniques, starting with my photographs and their digital processing and ending with drawings by hand live or on a computer using a tablet.

MIURIO interior surface design studio was established in 2012, based on a vision to create colourful and expressive interior products.

I work professionally both with textile & rug companies; interior architects and designers, offering custom-made designs and finished products (e.g. cushions, rugs or wallpaper).

I like to do fashion and portrait photography and make travel photo albums. You can get acquainted with my work by clicking on the link www.ritaasor.com and https://www.behance.net/godgeous.

In 2016, I completed a master’s degree in textile design at the Estonian Academy of Arts and have a diploma in interior design, as well as a master’s and bachelor’s degree in Economics and 9 years experience working in banking industry. I am a member of the Estonian Association of designers.

Hi, my name is Viktoria and since 2018 I am a member of the MIURIO accessories family!

Acquaintance with MIURIO design studio began with an interest in the creative work of Rita. Later, Rita invited me as a model for the editorial shoot of the silk scarf #SECONDSKIN.

I remember how that shooting woke me up and brought me back to the world of art. Soon, we made another joint photo shoot, but this time, I acted as a stylist. Common projects and the desire to bring more color and beauty to this world united us with Rita.

After three years of working together, we joined the membership of Tallinn creative incubator. We have opened a studio and cooperate with designers, organize client evenings and conduct exciting master classes. We also participated in more than one fashion show with our silk scarves.

MIURIO accessories is about love, passion and pleasure. After all, wearing silk is a real pleasure!

As an artist, I am sharing — charming. As a designer and stylist, I offer individuality and versatility. I promise that I will help you to find a silk accessory for you, and also teach you how to use it for fun!

Let’s walk this journey together!


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