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Eco-wallpaper – a safe choice for your home

It is extremely important to us that the products we offer are environmentally friendly and safe for health. That is why we have chosen eco-wallpaper made of fleece produced in Germany as the wallcovering material.

Health-friendly ecological wallpaper is made of FSC®-certified wood and is produced using only green energy. Cellulose gum based inks are non-fading and are also suitable for people with allergies. Given how much time we spend at home, it is extremely important that materials surrounding us are not harmful to our health.

Many products found and used at home are actually a health hazard. Such as various building materials, wall paints and even curtains can emit chemicals and toxic substances into the home environment. Inhalation of vapors, which may later lead to health problems, is not known.

This can also happen, for example, with the choice of vinyl wallpaper, which is printed with solvent inks.

MIURIO wallpaper shop – full of color and beauty!

Unfortunately, many wallpapers on the market today contain toxic ingredients that change the environment in which they are installed, which is dangerous to health – children and people with breathing difficulties are at risk. In addition, these wallpapers are not biodegradable, which is very devastating to our nature and the well-being of the environment. Every contribution to the preservation of nature is of great importance!

MIURIO eco-wallpapers are health-consciously designed and produced. By choosing MIURIO eco-wallpapers, you can be sure that you are also contributing to the promotion of environmentally friendly products.

The best choice of wallpaper for your kitchen, children’s room and bedroom

Our product range includes eco-wallpaper in the form of patterned roll wallpapers and wall murals. All designs are our original patterns and full of bold colors and beauty, which are easy to install and, many years later, easy to remove as a whole pane. Our products are suitable for living rooms, children’s rooms, bedrooms and kitchens.

The designs are colorful and diverse, wallpapers with different patterns are available in different colors, so everyone can find a favorite. Do you want a romantic floral wallpaper or a slightly more modest Scandinavian-style eco-wallpaper? Check out the products in our wallpaper e-shop or visit our studio in Tallinn.

We want to awaken people’s expressiveness and courage to bring more liveliness to their daily routine. We believe that the home should be a refuge from the fast pace of life and stress, where it is possible to enjoy high-quality (Estonian) design products and natural materials. All our wallpapers are of high print quality and printed in a climate-neutral way. We use solvent-free certified inks for eco-wallpaper printing, which is of excellent quality, odorless, UV-resistant and fade-free. Our eco-wallpapers are made of high-quality, non-woven fleece. These wallpapers do not contain PVC, plastics or fiberglass.

In addition to exciting designs, color combinations and beauty, MIURIO wallpapers also provide a sense of security and high quality. Check out our products in the catalog on our website. Check out other products designed by us in Estonia – a selection of silk scarves and silk accessories made in digital printing technology, and rugs and interior pillows from the same collection as wallpapers.