From March 2022, the Estonian design studio MIURIO will complement Softrend‘s rug selection with its brightly coloured charisma.

The featured rug collection includes handmade rugs – MONDRIAN and KNITTED MOSAIC – by
renowned Estonian textile designer Rita Assor. According to Softrend’s interior designer Katariina Kalda, the handmade rugs add a long-awaited and bold design to Softrend’s range of rugs and interior accessories.“Rita’s handwriting in textile design is like a fresh gust of wind, above all minimalism and conservatism in the loving Estonian design landscape. MIURIO rugs are a feasible way to combine art and practical interior decor product. Acquiring expensive art is not very common in Estonia, but everyone usually needs a rug in their interior. Why not combine these two things and make your home truly unique and distinctive? The rug is can be used as a focal point of the room and add the right amount of pattern and colour among the neutral tones. At the same time, rug is also a good starting point for the entire interior design concept creation. We want to continue to find inspiring interior design solutions for our lovely customers and it is a real pleasure to have a tasteful selection of our Softrend high quality sofas and armchairs constantly evolving. ”

Both handmade rugs are available in this season’s trendy colors from natural earth tones
ending with green and blue nature color palettes. A total of five different color combinations.

The rugs are available in four different sizes and are made of high quality New Zealand’s merino wool and viscose.

MONDRIAN wool rug is a tribute to a well-known Dutch painter and master of abstract art, Piet Mondrian. Contrasting handwriting inherit to the artist has been used as the rug’s playful mosaic pattern, which was given the last touch by Estonian designer Rita Assor.

KNITTED MOSAIC rug design has already gained widespread popularity among customers due to its streamlined modern pattern. The rug is produced by Tibetan hand-knotted technique and its it is composed of high quality New Zealand’s merino wool and viscose. The rug is decorated with a luxurious sheen, which reflects different colors depending on the angle of view.

Samples of rugs can be seen in their entirety in the Softrend Tondi store, Tallinn (Pärnu mnt 139c) and a full selection of MONDRIAN and KNITTED MOSAIC rugs in different patterns and sizes are also available in Softrend online store.

Softrend is an Estonian furniture manufacturer, a family business, which is primarily known for its high quality and Scandinavian style upholstered furniture. In addition to upholstered furniture, the company offers a wide variety of furnishing products to complement the sofas and beds
dwellings a complete home. This includes carefully selected interior accessories (vases,
candlesticks, lamps). In addition to the online store, Softrend has spacious interior showrooms in Estonia (TallinnPirita, Rocca, Tond and Tartu) and Finland (Helsinki). Softrend will open a new one in mid-March as the location of a new store in Pärnu. Softrend – more than a sofa.

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