MIURIO studio presents two new summer home textiles collections “LILAC GARDEN” and” HYDRANGEA PARADISE.” The beautiful floral patterns were born in the corona quarantine by designer Rita Assor. 

This year’s MIURIO studio summer textile collections were born during the quarantine period of the COVID-19 pandemic and carry a positive and romantic message.

“Lilac flowering period marks the beginning of summer in Estonia. Charmingly fragrant lilacs are always uplifting. The flowering time of lilacs is always long-awaited and at the same time ephemeral. I wanted to create a “flourishing environment” for clients’ interiors.”- Rita talks about her idea to create lilac wallpaper.

“HYDRANGEA PARADISE” is another collection of patterns, the protagonist of which is a lush hydrangea, hotly loved by women, accompanied by a tropical monstera deliciosa with spectacular leaves. Hydrangea is a symbol of gratitude and apology in Japanese culture. Hydrangea and peony can be considered arguably the most favorite summer flowers of women!

Both collections are available in the form of eco-wallpaper and sofa cushions. Wallpapers with floral patterns are excellent for covering the walls of living rooms, as well as bathrooms.

Collections can be found here and at the studio (Veerenni 24C, 2. floor).

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