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Handmade rugs designed in Estonia

Handmade rugs help to make your home more cozy and liven up the interior. Since rugs can be very different, start your choice with the purpose of the rug – is it either for indoor or outdoor use; made as a central design element in the living room, is it for collecting excess dirt and moisture in the hall or meant as a soft floor cover for the children’s room etc. Next, you should plan and decide how big the custom rug should be to fit your room. Some of the standard rug dimensions are 120×200, 140x180cm and 200×300. Our studio offers both standard size rugs, as well as rugs made to your custom size.

MIURIO design studio offers handmade rugs with different techniques and finishes:

  • flat woven dhurry / kilim rugs;
  • hand-tufted rugs;
  • hand-knotted rugs;
  • rugs with a looped or cut wool surface;
  • rugs with carved elements and motifs.

Our rugs are made of different fibers:

  • wool (New Zealand merino, Indian wool, PET);
  • bamboo silk;
  • viscose;
  • silk (including recycled silk);
  • jute;
  • linen.

Undoubtedly, unique designer rugs are an exclusive addition to your living room . By using a high-quality handcrafted designer rug, it is possible to significantly improve the atmosphere and level up the interior design of your home. Exclusively we offer our customers the customization of our designer rugs according to their interior color palette.

Sale and production of handmade rugs

Due to the corona times, the interior design of homes and public spaces has become an even more popular service, as people increasingly need multifunctional, aesthetically pleasing and purpose-built spaces.

We have been designing handmade rugs for a few years and the sale of handmade rugs has recently gained more popularity. When choosing a rug, there are different aspects to consider. For example, wool rugs are hypoallergenic, antibacterial in addition to looking good, easy to care for and comfortable and long-lasting underfoot. When you have a pet at home, it makes sense to use recycled PET yarn for a rug. These rugs are water resistant, stain-resistant; made of recycled nylon and highly durable. When making a choice, it is definitely worth consulting our designers.

In our selection you will find rugs of different designs, techniques and sizes, and we also make custom-size and color pallete rugs. You can see our entire selection in our handmade rugs online store’ category. It should be borne in mind that handmade designer rugs are significantly more expensive than machine-woven rugs, but there is also a significant difference in the quality and uniqueness of the rug. The price is a combination of amount of handwork going into production, the size of the rug, its material and finishing. If you want to order a custom-made rug or have any questions about caring for the floor covering you have purchased from us, please feel free to contact us.

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